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Multihull Yacht Design

Experience the ultimate in power and sailing multihulls.
Through innovative design and engineering, our yachts are carefully crafted for comfort, safety, and performance.

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"Successful multihull design is the province of remarkably few people, and of those few, none has won more international recognition than John Shuttleworth. A designer who has successfully combined racing performance with cruising comfort." Yachting world.

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John Shuttleworth and Superyacht Adastra appear in Mazda's new Advertising Campaign.

In August 2013 Mazda approached John Shuttleworth with the offer of appearing in their Challenger advertising campaign. The Mazda team felt that John's interest in fuel economy and "blank sheet of paper" approach to the design of the Adastra trimaran matched the philosophy of their new SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY. Discussions with the Mazda production team revealed many similarities in the way both Shuttleworth Design and the Mazda engineers have challenged convention in the drive to create fuel efficient vehicles, whether on land or at sea.

John participated in creating advertisements for TV, cinema, web and print. The Shuttleworth designed Adastra trimaran uses one seventh of the fuel of a conventional superyacht of the same size, and can travel halfway around the world on one tank of fuel. The webisode shows the story of how John came to design the vessel with stunning shots of Adastra underway.

Adastra, the 42.5m power trimaran wins "Most Innovative Design" at the 2013 World Superyacht Awards.

To see more images of Adastra the 42.5 m superyacht click here

Shuttleworth Design wins awards in three categories at the 2013 Showboats Awards ceremony in Monaco.

For more information and details of awards go to What's New

  "You will almost certainly have been stopped in you tracks when you picked up the cover of this month's issue. No it's not a spaceship from a far of galaxy, it is the most fascinating, groundbreaking and glorious new super yacht taking shape in China. Destined to ply the Pacific Ocean with its owners. We salute the design, look at the development and bring you the first pictures of her build at the McConaghy shipyard in China."
Boat international April 2011


  ".....this project could be compared to Team GB members winning an Olympic gold in front of a home crowd; an experience that will almost surely never be repeated. While there is little doubt the yard will go on to build more superyachts, I predict they'll never build one as significant, iconic and stunning as Adastra. "
Tork Buckley. The Superyacht Report October 2012

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