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PowerShuttle 40 design.


PowerShuttle 40
LOA 40 ft
BOA 22 ft
Design: John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs Ltd.
Builder: Dale Schneider Inc., Pine Island, Florida

The new Powershuttle 40 has been designed as an economical, environmentally friendly catamaran. Utilising the new 90 or 130 HP Honda 4 stroke outboards extraordinary fuel economy can be achieved when compared to conventional power boats, and yet the Powershuttle 40 has more accommodation, including a huge shaded cockpit, and dive platform aft. The dive platform hinges down to the water to provide easy access. Steps up the transom make boarding easy.

These modern 4 stroke engines have been developed from the Honda Civic and Honda Accord car engines. With 16 valve head and fully programmed fuel injection system these engines deliver a high power to weight ratio with low fuel consumption

This new technology now allows us to make full use of the integrated structural techniques and hull forms developed for high speed sailing multihulls, resulting in a very light seakindly yacht. These displacement shapes cut through the seas, giving an easy motion, and high speed, in the kind of rough conditions that would slow a conventional planing hull.

Design drawings

Rendered images and some buiild photo's

images and photo's

Images of tank test programme

Tank test images

Technical specification

LOA 40 ft
BOA 22 ft
Engines down 2 ft
Engines up 18 inches
Light 3.4 Tons
Loaded 5.6 Tons
2 x 90 or 130 Hp Honda 4 stroke outboards
Fuel 1500 litres Water 750 litres

2 x 90 HP
Range 700 miles
10 Gals imp. / hr. (45 litres/hr.)
Top speed light loading 23 knots

or 2 x 130 HP
Top speed light loading 25.5 knots