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News about people, projects, cruising voyages, building, and racing.

Malihini (Shuttleworth 35 ft Catamaran) completes voyage from Hawaii to Oregon.

New owner/skipper Trent Sellens, and crew of 3, sailed Malihini from Nawiliwili Harbor, Kauai, Hawaii to Newport, Oregon in August of 2014. The 19 day passage was smooth and comfortable. Malihini will be undergoing modifications for easier cruising. Then off to the San Juan Islands and Canadian waters for a couple of seasons, and finally to the Sea of Cortez for the long term.

Charlie Magee writes - Thanks for the great boat, we all love it and wish we could afford to build 3 more.

For more about the design go to Malihini - Designs

Adastra Trimaran Featured in June 2014 Issue of The Superyacht Report

To To read the full article click here.

New Shuttle 37 design for Geoffrey Strange in Seattle.

Shuttleworth Design has recently created a development of the highly successful Tektron 35. All the major components of the boat have been reviewed and redesigned as necessary to bring this concept fully up to date. A true open ocean voyager, with a long list of ocean crossings behind her sister ships, this will provide the ultimate combination of cruising and fun sailing.

2011 built Shuttle 31 for sale.

Mark and Susie Hicks have decided to sell their Shuttle 31 "Aleph". This is a rare opportunity to purchase one of these designs. For pricing, specification, and more... go to

For more about the Shuttle 31 design go to Shuttle 31 images.

"Moondance" a modified Tek-35, previously known as "Cats Away" is for sale in South Dartmouth USA.

For details email Arnie Gould at

Mark and Suze Hicks report in after their transatlantic voyage on their home built Shuttle 31 in January 2014.

I thought I'd let you know that Suze and I (with a friend crewing) have made it across the Atlantic in Aleph. We had a pretty gruelling crossing... After a perfect 'trade-wind' day at the start where we covered over 190 miles in 24 hours we rarely saw less than 25 knots of wind and for several days had 30+ with squalls in the 40s. We also enjoyed large confused seas as the easterly windswell from the strong trades mixed unpredictably with a pretty hefty swell from the north generated by the huge lows that pounded the UK over Christmas and NY. On occasion the cross swells were very large and we had to keep the speed down to stay safe which was frustrating. The asymmetric spinnaker I bought for the trip stayed in it's bag and instead a tiny storm jib I hoped to never deploy stayed up for almost half of the passage. I didn't even do any fishing!

The boat performed brilliantly as always, refusing to bury the bows even during some .. steep .. surfs and shipping very little water.

Incidentally we also encountered an unforecast F9 gale off the coast of Morocco in November where I towed warps and chain to slow us down. We'd found ourselves surfing under bare poles but after deploying the warps the boat sat quietly, making 4-5 knots for the most part and happy under the tiller pilot.

Anyway we're very, very much enjoying the Caribbean now and don't plan any long passages any time soon! We plan to stay here until April and then return to the UK by air, leaving the boat in Antigua.

John Shuttleworth and Superyacht Adastra appear in Mazda's new Advertising Campaign.

In August 2013 Mazda approached John Shuttleworth with the offer of appearing in their Challenger advertising campaign. The Mazda team felt that John's interest in fuel economy and "blank sheet of paper" approach to the design of the Adastra trimaran matched the philosophy of their new SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY. Discussions with the Mazda production team revealed many similarities in the way both Shuttleworth Design and the Mazda engineers have challenged convention in the drive to create fuel efficient vehicles, whether on land or at sea.

John participated in creating advertisements for TV, cinema, web and print. The Shuttleworth designed Adastra trimaran uses one seventh of the fuel of a conventional superyacht of the same size, and can travel halfway around the world on one tank of fuel. The webisode shows the story of how John came to design the vessel with stunning shots of Adastra underway.

Joseph Oster has sold his Shuttle 35 fast cruising cat "Malahini".

For more about the design go to Malihini - Designs

Shuttleworth Design wins awards in three categories at the 2013 Showboats Awards ceremony in Monaco.

  • Naval Architecture - Winner
  • Newcomer of the Year - Winner
  • Exterior Design and Styling - Judges' Commendation

Up against a field of 19 of the best superyachts in the world today, John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs was presented with the Naval Architecture - motor yachts award, at the Showboats Awards 2013 Ceremony at Monaco opera house.

Boat International Media noted that .....

The judges gave the nod to Adastra for her "clean sheet of paper approach" to problem-solving, and noted that her tank tests, as well as the physical evidence provided by designs of similar theory indicate "this yacht will have the best performance in the most sea states of all those presented".

Orion (left) and John (right) proudly receive the three awards on behalf of Shuttleworth Design.

Images courtesy of Mark Sims, Superyacht Media.

Adastra is chosen as finalist in 4 categories in the Showboats Design awards 2013.

1. Exterior Design and Styling with Orion Shuttleworth Design.
2. Naval Architecture
3. Holistic Design with Jepsen Interior designs and Orion Shuttleworth Design.
4. Newcomer of the Year.


Adastra, the 42.5m power trimaran wins "Most Innovative Design" at the 2013 World Superyacht Awards.

adastra Superyacht
Award Winner.jpg

Superyacht Award Winners.jpg

Left to right - Orion Shuttleworth, Baccarat sponsor, John Shuttleworth, Baccarat sponsor, Mark Evans (McConaghy Boats).

John and Orion Shuttleworth have just returned from the prize giving ceremony in Istanbul where they proudly accepted the 'Judges’ Commendation for Most Innovative Design'.

"Adastra was very different. A remarkably low hull weight of 52 tonnes, a usable volume of 132 GT and a top speed of 23.2 knots, combined with her dynamic exterior shape and extremely low fuel burn of around 20 litres/hour at her economical 10.5 knot cruising speed, led the jury to award a judges’ commendation for extremely innovative design."
Boat International Media.

Shuttleworth Design was responsible for her exterior design, naval architecture, structural design and interior layout.

Adastra is chosen as finalist in the World Superyacht awards 2013.


Adastra has reached the final judging in this prestigious event.

New video of Adastra at 22 knots.

Adastra 22 knots video click on image for video.

Measured fuel consumption figures are now in for Adastra.

For more information on Adastra fuel consumption go to Superyacht "Adastra" and click on Specifications.

William Pack is selling the molds for the New Shuttle 31 Plumb Bow version.

shuttle31plumb_deck_mold shuttle31plumb_hull_mold

After completing the hulls and decks of the new updated Shuttle 31, William Pack is offering to sell the molds. Look at his web site for interesting building videos as the project takes shape. And for contact details for buying the molds. Or contact William at

Tektron 50 "Neptune's Car" is for sale.


Owner, Philippe Chapel, has sailed over 60,000 miles on her, crossing the Atlantic 7 times. Philippe Chapel writes " I am looking for a boat lover or a sea professional who will know how to take care of this beautiful ship. She will offer in return unforgettable thrills and memories." Or contact Philippe Chapel at

Joseph Oster buys Malinini.

malanini thumb

Joseph has written in to say that he is looking for a business partner for crewed charter. More information on his site go to Or contact Joseph directly at

For more information on the design go to Shuttle 35

Adastra completes maiden voyage to the Philippines

Images of Adastra in Hong Kong before departing. Anto Marden reports, "She seems to be a very good sea boat. She has what can only be described as a stately motion."

Click on images for larger picture.
adastra_aft_q_thumb adastra_bow_thumb adastra_fwd_q_thumb adastra_profile_1_thumb adastra_profile_2_thumb

For more information on Adastra go to Superyacht "Adastra"

Shuttle 31 sailing video

Video of Shuttle 31 Planado sailing fast offshore.

31 video click on image for Shuttle 31 sailing video.

"Life's a Dream", Mark van Niekerk's Shuttle 47 cruising cat is for sale in Fort Lauderdale USA. ...SOLD January 2014...

For anyone interested in acquiring an excellent, well proven long distance Shuttleworth designed cruiser, this is a real opportunity.

Life's a Dream in the Indian ocean

Mark writes..... "My beloved "Life's A Dream" is currently moored in Fort Lauderdale and, as you are aware, up for sale. It was a gut-wrenching decision but I cannot bear to have her sitting in a marina waiting for me to take her out on the occasional week-end date! She deserves a full-time and committed relationship. My bond with her has endured since January 2007. We have completed a circumnavigation together. During that time I have logged over 30,000 miles and experienced many memorable passages in all sorts of weather and conditions. The average daily mileage for my circumnavigation was 180 miles. I am an extremely conservative skipper and I have no doubt that this could have been significantly increased if I had been pushing or racing.

Thanks John for all your inputs during construction and the subsequent 5 years of cruising, and mega-thanks for the vision and inspiration which culminated in my "dream" boat!"

Photos soon after the launch in Cape Town, and interior shots here..Shuttle 47 cat thumbnails.

ADASTRA build and launch video

Video of Adastra being built and launched, with brief interviews with the owners, the builders, and John Shuttleworth

Adastra build and launch video click on image for Adastra building and launching video. Video produced by

ADASTRA First Sea trials video

McConaghy boats took this short video of Adastra off the coast of China. Loaded with 17800 litres of fuel, 2750 litres of water and 17 people, she is doing 22 knots.

Sea Trial video click on image for Adastra Sea Trial video.

Shuttle 28

New renders and study plans are now on images page.

Click on images for larger picture.
Shuttle 28 GA render Shuttle 29 render 1 Shuttle 28-render-2 Shuttle 28 render 3

For more information on the Shuttle 28 go to Images

Adastra wins "Best Design" at Asia Pacific boating awards in Hong Kong.

For more information on Adastra go to Superyacht "Adastra"

John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs Ltd receives "Most Innovative Company" award at the China (Shanghai) Boat Show.

John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs Ltd, and the companies invlolved in the design and build of Adastra have collectively been awarded the title of "Most Innovative Company" last week at the China (Shanghai) Boat Show. The unique nature of the design has been recognised by a panel of judges drawn from local and international Media and Marine Industry Professionals.


After 4 years in build by McConaghy boats in Zhuhai China, the fuel efficient 42.5 m Trimaran Adastra has been lanched into the Pearl River.

Click on images for larger picture.
adastra_stern_ashore_thumb adastra_on_launch_cradle_thumb Sadastra_just_launched_thumb adastra_afloat_thumb adastra_in_river_thumb adasta_bow_afloat_thumb adastra_stern_at_dock_thumb adastra_river_profile2_thumb john_shuttleworth_adastra_thumb

For more information on Adastra go to Superyacht "Adastra"

The Shuttleworth Design team for Superyacht Adastra

From left Orion, John, and Sky Shuttleworth

Click on image for larger picture.

Rendered images of Adastra. 42.5 meter Power Trimaran.

News in from China. The launch of Adastra is approaching fast, new rendered images from Orion of how she will look completed. These new images have all the final details added.

Click on image to enlarge

adastra heli shot 2 adastra bow sunset

Click on image to enlarge

heli shotAdastra profile on waterAdastra port bowAdastra aft viewAdastra
profileAdastra aft deck sofaAdastra aft deck studioAdastra aft
deck profileAdastra aft deckAdastra rope handling Adastra profile on water stbd

For more information on Adastra go to Superyacht "Adastra"

Shuttle 31 bridgedeck cabin catamaran for sale in Norway.

Built by Helge Nedreboe, who subsequently sailed her around the world. She is the smallest Shuttleworth design to complete an around the world Voyage.

For more information look at his web site at

Inclusion in this listing does not imply that we have any knowledge of the condition of this yacht.

Shuttle 31 bridgedeck cabin catamaran launched in Finland.

Built by Jukka Henttu at Antiloop Vene Boats Oy in Finland, this new design is the ultimate in spaceous cruising with performance. Jukka reports "the boat works very fine. She goes through the water with minimal wake and easyly reaches a pleasant speed in very little wind." After his first month cruising the Finnish Archipelago, the owner commented that "this is the boat of the centuary!"

For build pictures, take a look at

To contact Jukka Henttu go to

Click on images for larger picture.
S31 bridgedeck 1 S31 bridgedeck 3 S31 bridgedeck
4 S31 bridgedeck

Mark Hicks launches his home built Shuttle 31 catamaran.

Great images on Youtube of tractor towing boat over fields to river launch.

Mark writes: "Just a quick one to let you know that we launched last week. The boat was spot on the design weight and true and high on her marks. We're very busy now getting all the remaining jobs finished - including outboard installation, we were towed to the marina - but hope to have our first sail in the next week. Work in the marina is constantly interrupted by people coming to admire the boat! Needless to say they are very surprised to hear it's home-baked..."

Mark van Niekerk has completed his around the world voyage aboard "Life's a Dream", his Shuttle 47 cruising cat.

"I am back in Cape Town with LAD and working hard at restoring her to her former glory and some more! As you can imagine there are a myriad of jobs to be done. Sadly I will be selling her as I just could not bear her sitting in the yacht basin wistfully watching the other blue-water cruisers arriving and leaving and having to suffer the ignominy of an occasional weekend sail. She will be all spruced up by the end of April and ready for another 30,000 miles of sailing." writes Mark. John Shuttleworth will be meeting Mark in Cape Town in mid April, and will return with an up to date report of the voyage.

Photos soon after the launch in Cape Town, and interior shots here..Shuttle 47 cat thumbnails.

David Warren and crew complete voyage from New Caledonia to Vancouver via Hawaii aboard "Dolphin Dancer", his Tektron 50 C cruiser/racer cat.

After nearly a year of planning, preparation, and then sailing, David Warren and crew have arrived in Vancouver. In his last email after arriving in the USA David says" So here we are in one piece after three weeks bobbing out there. We are all healthy and happy and DD is in top shape. The sea gods let us pass very nicely on this big voyage from New Caledonia. We head to Vancouver next couple of days and its back to work next week." For images and drawings of boat see: Images.

News in from Mark van Niekerk aboard "Life's a Dream", his Shuttle 47 cruising cat.

As Mark and crew near the end of his round the world voyage, Mark sends in this report about his trip across the Indian Ocean.

"Well it's hard to believe but here we are in Mauritius at the tail end of our trip. Next stop South Africa! The trip across the Indian was VERY interesting. The first leg to Cocos was light winds and frustrating calms with interspersed squalls.. The leg to Mauritius was the opposite - rarely below 30 knots with frequent 2 to 3 hours busters with winds peaking at 45 knots. We ran with a triple reefed main and a half-furled jib for most of the 2400 miles and completed the leg in 13 days. LAD behaved like a true thoroughbred. We had a murderous cross swell and most monos and all of the other Cats we spoke to had structural issues of one kind or the other. We came through unscathed although I did sail very conservatively".

Photos soon after the launch in Cape Town, and interior shots here..Shuttle 47 cat thumbnails.

Richard Oliver is providing structural design for the power 41 m Superyacht building in China.

Richard of ASTA (Applied Structural Analysis Ltd.) is now involved in all aspects of the structural design of the new Power 41m Superyacht building in China. Richard's involvement began with a review of the Finite Element analysis of the structure which has led on to him becoming fully involved in the project. He will be providing FE analysis and general engineering design and consultation to John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs on a number of projects that are under development.

Orion Shuttleworth sets up his own enterprise - "Orion Shuttleworth Design Ltd".

Orion Shuttleworth has spent the past 5 years working for Bernard Olesinski, a specialist in powerboat design, primarily concentrating on deck design and styling for the Princess Yachts. He has developed extensive skills in 3D modelling with Unigraphics NX, and brings a wealth of Big Boat design experience and understanding of LY2 and RINA regulations to offer as a service to our design office.

His expertise in 3D rendering can immediately be seen in his work on the new Power 41 meter Tri, currently building in China, in which he is playing a significant role in all aspects of the final stages of the design and preparing for classification under the Hong Kong flag authority.

Orion is also bringing his kiteboarding extpertise to developing a kite assist system for the 42 m Superyacht. Current systems for ships are very heavy and complex. Orion is working on a system that uses an inflatable kite which can be easily recovered from the water and will be launched off the deck of the boat using a lightweight carbon launch system. Progress will be reported on our site.

Orion will also be involved with many other aspects of all the projects we are currently working on.

Orion completed his first ocean voyage at the age of one, and has been sailing ever since then. Now an experienced cruising and racing skipper in his own right, Orion has a busy programme through the summer as Skipper aboard Bernard Olesinski's 40 ft yacht in the Jog series of offshore races, and Cowes week. Orion still finds time to enjoy his passion for kite boarding and windsurfing, complementing that with mountain biking when there is no wind.

Click on images for larger picture.
Orion Shuttleworth Photo Orion Shuttleworth
Handle pass Handle pass Brazil 2009
Compton Bay, Isle of
Wight Compton Bay, Isle of Wight

More pictures in from the 8M Cheetah covered bridgedeck version, built in China

The first bridgedeck version of the production 8M Cheetah has arrived in Canada.
Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

dandeecanada_thumb.jpg dandee canada 1
dandeecanada2_thumb.jpg dandee canada 2
dandeecanada3_thumb.jpg dandee canada 3

Stock Plans prices increased.

The price of our stock plans has been increased for the first time in 15 years. see. Price of plans

Power 41 metre superyacht being built in China for Anto Marden.....As the design approaches final development, we have produced photrealistic renderings of the yacht.

Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

p41_profile_web_thumb.jpg 41.5 meter Power Trimaran profile
p41_plan_web_thumb.jpg 41.5 meter Power Trimaran plan view
p41_bow_web_thumb.jpg 41.5 meter Power Trimaran bow view

News is in on the build of the Power 41 metre superyacht being built in China for Anto Marden.

The outriggers, bottom wing, and hull sides are complete. The main hull is now joined and bulkheads are going in.
P41-v9-front-veiw-thumb.jpg 41.5 meter Power Trimaran front view
P41-v9-back-veiw-thumb.jpg 41.5 meter Power Trimaran aft view

  • Spectrum 42 for sale


    Click on image to enlarge

    Some pictures of sister ship are shown. Interior and study plan is of Toucan, which is now for sale in lying in the Canaries.


  • Production 8 M catamaran launched in China.

    Click on image to enlarge

    ADandee-Craned-In-thumb ADandee-Sailing-thumb ADandee-Cat&Tri-thumb ABack-to-Shore-thumb

    Roger Dann has launched the first Dandee 8M catamaran to John Shuttleworth's design in China. This demountable design, developed from the 8M Cheetah has amazing accommodation and performance that has yet to be surpassed by any comparable Cat of her size. The whole boat can be demounted for trailer sailing, and shipping - all the parts fit into a container. The launch and first sail are shown in the pictures and an article on the 8 M Cheetah can be found here. 8M-cheetah-article.pdf.

    For more information and prices contact Roger Dann at

  • Tektron 35E is for sale in New Caledonia. Price 118,000 euros.

    "Valerie Mallocher"

  • Opportunity to buy part built Shuttle 31. Professionally built - 4 hull halves (longitudinal) for Shuttleworth 31, plus all bulkheads. Everything is vacuum bagged, not just the hull or part of the hull so it is very light. Also about 400 lbs of the rolls of fibreglass needed to finish the job. Also complete set of plans from John Shuttleworth.

    In summary - the hulls guaranteed, all bulkheads, extra glass for finishing, all plans are one bundle, asking $30,000, open to offers. The mast, complete with standing rigging & lights, transport paid Ontario- Florida (or a similar distance, I assume), brand new, never outside, $20,000. Open to offers. contact Suzanne Heron and Dolf Schoenmakers. Email Suzanne Heron

  • Anto Marden of Hong Kong commissions John Shuttleworth to design a new 134 ft Power trimaran.

    P134-3D-aft-view-thumb.jpg 134 ft Power Trimaran.

    Click on thumbnail for larger image.

    The owner of "Mazinga", the 45 Ft sailing trimaran, see Images. and Race results, has been talking to John Shuttleworth for a number of years about a new open ocean cruising power tri. The basic cruising area would include Singapore, The Philippines. Hong Kong, and Indonesia. This has led to the development of a new 40 metre Power Trimaran.

    Based on the original concept developed by Nigel Irens in Ilan Voyager and Cable and wireless, this new boat is a departure from previous yachts of this type in that we have achieved comfortable accommodation for 10 guests and 4 permanent crew. This PDF file shows part of the layout. power-40m.pdf

    The boat will be powered by a single 1000 HP inboard diesel giving a top speed of 24 knots. Range will be 3000+ miles for long distance ocean voyaging, and around the world capability.

    A considerable amount of work has already been done on the design, including tank testing and the building of a 6 ft long radio controlled model with outrigger that can be raised and lowered independently by radio control. This has meant that we could test the performance of the boat in waves with varying outrigger height. By filming the boat in waves of varying height and wavelength we have been able to study the motion in detail. We could then correlate this with the tank test results to find the optimum position of the outrigger in relation to the main hull. We have been able to demonstrate that outrigger immersion has a very significant effect on roll damping in this type of vessel.

    Click on thumbnail for larger image.

    outrigger-down-thumb.jpg outrigger-up-thumb.jpg

    Currently White Young and Green are carrying out a full finite element analysis of the whole structure as designed by John Shuttleworth. The picture of the computer model for the FE analysis shows a different colour for every laminate on the boat.
    WYG-FE-laminates-thumb.jpg Click on thumbnail for larger image.

    Building should start within three months, with and anticipated build time of 18 months.

    More images of model and tank testing here. Power 40m Tri Thumbnails

  • Two Oceans Marine in Cape Town commission a new 44 ft Power Cat.

    Powersuttle44-render.jpgClick on thumbnail for larger image.

    Mark Delany of Two Oceans Marine is preparing to build moulds for the new Powershuttle 44 bridgedeck Cat. This new design based on the tank-test data from the Powershuttle 40 and the new 134 ft Power tri will be offered in 3 versions. Open Bridgedeck like the Powershuttle 40, Bridgedeck Cabin, and Flybridge. All three version can have either 2 x 150 HP 4 stroke outboards, or two x 160 HP inboard diesels.

    Performance prediction:

    21.8 knots at 2 x 130 HP (cruising)
    23.2 knots max at 2 x 150 HP

    Loaded with fuel and water ( 2400 Kg )
    18.4 knots at 2 x 130 HP (cruising)
    19.5 knots max at 2 x 150 HP

    LOA = 13.4 m
    BOA = 7.4 m
    Displacement = 8400 Kgs fully loaded (Flybridge version.)
    Displacement light = 5300 Kgs (open bridgedeck / outboards version.)

    Visit Two Oceans Website.
    PDF file of layout of Powershuttle 44.
    PDF file of accommodation of Powershuttle 44.

  • John Shuttleworth returns from Guatemala after visit to Daphne Becker and to sail on the 63 ft Cat Bandaloop.

    see Bandaloop Images.

    tortugal-thumb.jpgClick on thumbnail for larger image.

    Daphne Becker owns a beautiful marina at Tortugal on the Rio Dulce, on the Caribbean coast of Guatemala. They are very multihull friendly and it is a wonderful place to visit. The trip up the Rio Dulce takes you through an extraordinary gorge and then into a beautiful lake. The accommodation is comfortable and the restaurant is very good in a lovely setting overlooking the Rio.

    Bandaloop is in fine condition following an extensive refit. They have built a special dock for her giving access all round the boat.

  • News in from aboard the Shuttleworth 47 ft cruising cat "Life's a Dream".

    Owner Mark Van Niekerk comments after a trouble free voyage from Cape Town to Trinidad. First 5000 miles of ocean sailing completed. "The performance really exceeded my expectations. You saw the mileages and we never pushed. Particularly memorable was the last 5 days when we were on slightly more than a beam reach with between 13 to 18 knots and , with 2 reefs in the main and the working jib we were achieving 7 to 8 knots through the water and perfectly balanced - I would switch off the auto pilot for 20 minutes at a time without touching the wheel. Since I have not crossed an ocean before on a cat maybe my expectations were low! However, I have had a number of cat owners on my boat and we have anecdotally shared experiences and none were as fast as LAD and most experienced discomfort - particularly water slapping on the bridge deck.

    Comfort is unbelievable. I truly marvel at how gently she rides the waves and swell. It would be fairly rough with 20 to 30 knots of wind and we would be sitting at the saloon table eating soup out of a bowl with our wine glasses scarcely showing any sign of movement.

    I could say more and would be happy to address particular areas if you would like.

    Kind Regards,


    Download PDF file of article about the boat in "South Africa's Sail magazine. Shuttle-47ft-Cat-Boat-Test

  • Shuttleworth 47 ft cruising cat "Life's a Dream" has been launched and is sailing in Cape Town

    Click on thumbnail for larger image.

    MvanN-Bow.jpg MvanN-AFT.jpg

    Mark_van_N_accom.jpg"Life's a Dream" accommodation plan

    crane1.jpg Life's a Dream Launching.

    "Life's a Dream" was launched in Cape Town in mid December and John and Sky Shuttleworth flew out for the sailing trials.

    The boat has been beautifully built by Two Oceans Marine in Cape Town, and she sailed exceptionally well in the strong breezes in Table Bay. We reached a top speed of 18.4 knots and she tacked through 80 degrees effortlessly. The owner, Mark Van Niekerk, is very happy with the outcome and the the whole project. You can read his comments and see several more photos on his blog at

    For more launch pictures see. "Life's a Dream" launching photo gallery

    For sailing trials photos and interior shots see: "Life's a Dream" sailing trials and interior

  • The Tektron 50 is available for charter.

    Neptune's-car1.jpg Tektron 50 "Neptune's Car" gleams in the dark. Click on thumbnail for larger image.

    The Tektron 50 (now called "Neptune's Car") has been fully refurbished and brought back to her original state. She is available for Charter in the Mediterranean and in the Caribbean, depending on the time of year. This is a fantastic opportunity to sail on one of the fastest cruising yachts in the world. For more information contact

    More images of the Tektron 50

    Article about the design of the Tektron 50

  • Sky Shuttleworth is working for John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs Ltd.

    click on thumbnail for larger image.
    Skykitesurf-1.jpg Skykitesurf-2.jpgRyde Isle of Wight
    sky_bali_surf_web_thumb.jpgNusa Ceningan, Bali

    While Sky continues to develop and build kiteboards for himself, he is also designing interiors and building tank test models for John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs Ltd. He has had a significant role in developing the interior of the Shuttleworth 47 currently building in South Africa. All the bulkhead drawings for the boat were CNC cut directly from computer files generated from Sky's CAD drawings. "It was incredible all the bulkheads were fitted into the boat in a day." said Mark Delany of Two Oceans Marine in Cape Town. "Everything fitted perfectly."
    huttle47-bulkheads.jpg click on thumbnail for larger image.
    47 Ft. Cruising cat takes shape in Cape Town, Bulkheads fitted.

  • Nick Bubb finishes Round Britain Race on Kenmore.

    Kenmore sailing
trialsclick on thumbnail for larger image.
    More photos of Kenmore at Kenmore photo gallery

    Photos by Tom Horsfall.

    After repairing the mast Nick rejoined the race near the back of the fleet. Read about ther adventures as they fought their way back up the fleet, surviving 50 knot winds off Start Point. See Nick's web site at Congratulations to Nick and his crew on a very sporting endeavour.

  • Nick Bubb, skipper of Kenmore, has repaired the mast and rejoined the Shetland Around Britain and Ireland two handed race. Nick is now sailing with Alex Haworth as crew, after Pete Cumming had to return home.

    Although they have no chance of winning, the crew have decided finish the race and are now pulling their way up through the fleet as they complete leg 3. Meanwhile the race leaders approach Plymouth and the finish line.

    More news and information on the refit and training build up to the race can be found on Nick's web site at

    More photos of Kenmore at Kenmore photo gallery
    Follow the race at

  • Kenmore has been dismasted in the Shetland Around Britain and Ireland two handed race.

    Kenmore, lying second on elapsed time and on handicap, was set to move into first place as race leader Pete Goss was forced to put into port for repairs. This report from The Daily Sail/...

      Kenmore dismasts.. Disaster off the Hebrides in Round Britain and Ireland Race At approximately 1000 this morning Nick Bubb and Pete Cumming's trimaran Kenmore lost her rig. Roughly 30 nm south of St. Kilda, sailing under reefed jib and reefed mainsail, in moderate seas the duo tacked onto the layline for St.Kilda. There was loud bang and the rigging terminal for the lower diagonal shroud pulled out of the mast leaving the rig unsupported. The rig broke two metres from the base and fell over board. Fortunately Nick and Pete have been able to retrieve all parts of the broken mast, the rigging and the sails. Using the boom they have erected a jury rig and they are hoping to sail to mainland Scotland without assistance. Neither crewman were harmed in the incident and there is minimal damage to the boat. Understandably, they are very disappointed as before the incident they had overtaken Alacrity and with Pete Goss and Paul Larsen having to make a pit stop for some repairs, the pole position was up for grabs.

  • >Meridian (ex Caledonia) now renamed Kenmore has been entered into the Shetland Around Britain and Ireland two handed race, starting on in Plymouth on the 11th June 2006.
    Nick and Pete

    Caledonia was built by Rod Stuart in 1987. Rod sailed her to record win in class 6 of the Single handed Transatlantic Race in 1988, (see Race results). She was then renamed Meridian and, sailed by Roger Barber, she led the previous race against much larger boats until she was dismasted off Scotland. ( See earlier news item on this page.) Now renamed Kenmore, and extensively refitted, she is still considered to be a potential winner in the Shetland around Britain and Ireland race. Nick Bubb and Pete Cumming will co-skipper the boat this time, and have fitted Kenmore with a new 15 metre Carbon Mast.

  • .
  • Tek 35 sold in Florida.

    "Cats Away", the Tek 35 that Tony Amador modified to take a pair of 50 HP 4 stroke engines has been sold. The owner who bought the boat from Tony had replaced the 50 HP engines with two 21 HP inboard diesels with sail-drives. The boat is now undergoing a major refit. The photos show the boat before the outboards were replaced with inboard diesels.

  • New 47 Ft Cruising Catamaran to be built in Cape Town, South Africa.

    John Shuttleworth has been commissioned to design a new cruising cat for Mark van Niekerk. Construction is about to start at Two Oceans Marine in Cape Town. This new design has the low windge lightbulb hull shape developed for the Dogstar 50. Every effort has been made to provide excellent cruising comfort, and yet retain good performance. The very generous accommodation plan gives 8 berths in 4 cabins and a large workshop/compressor room. The boat is set up for living aboard for 3 to 4 months at a time on extended diving trips. To read Mark's story about the project you can go to his web site at

    MvanN-Bow.jpg MvanN-AFT.jpg Mark_van_N_accom.jpg click on thumbnail image for larger picture

    Contact John Shuttleworth for more information.

  • Boiling Frog has ceased to trade.

    This is a loss to the multihull community. The company had ambitious plans, and could have made a significant contribution to the range of production cats available in the UK. John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs will continue to develop and market all the designs that Boiling Frog initiated.

  • Boiling Frog move into power catamaran market

    Boiling Frog, the company now producinhg the Tek35 (renamed the Nia), Ocean Cheetah38 (renamed the Falmai), the Advantage 44 Mk3 ( renamed the Cerys), and the Eleri 46, are now preparing to go into production with a new 32 ft power catamaran. This exciting new design comes in 4 versions. Cabin crusier, open fishing boat, 12 seater fishing boat, and sport cruiser/dive boat. For more information contact John Shuttleworth or boiling Frog through their web site

    A 25 ft power catamaran is also on the drawing board in 3 versions... open fishing boat, commercial fishing boat, and sport cruiser/dive boat.

  • Lia Ditton completes Ostar in "Shockwave". Click on all thumbnails to see larger picture

    Shockwave-1-thumb.jpg Shockwave-2-thumb.jpg Shockwave-3-thumb.jpg Shockwave-4-thumb.jpg Shockwave-5-thumb.jpg

    24 year old art student Lia Ditton successfully completed the 2005 Faraday Mill OSTAR from Plymouth England to Newport Rhode Island USA.

    In a race where over half the fleet retired and after surviving a massive storm in mid atlantic, Lia Ditton arrived Safely in Newport. Lia wrote amazing accounts of her experiences during the race which were published on

    Read the articles here - "this is some of the best writing about being at sea in a small boat that I have read" - John Shuttleworth





    Lia is planning to ship the boat back from Newport and then to place the boat on display outside the Tate Modern Gallery in London in September, with a very special paint on the outside that changes colour with temperature. This will form a part of her final year art project.

  • SHUTTLEWORTH 35 'VIKING' has been sold.

  • New rendered images of the Powershuttle 40


    Orion Shuttleworth has produced photo-realistic images of the Powershuttle 40 being built in Florida by Dale Schneider. This 25 plus knot environmentally friendly catamaran, utilises the new 90 or 130 HP Honda or Suzuki 4 stroke outboards giving extraordinary fuel economy compared to conventional power boats, and yet the Powershuttle 40 has excellent accommodation, including a huge shaded cockpit, and dive platform aft.

    Read more under Selected Designs

    Or view 3D images and shots of the boat being built, including a view of the revolutionary new hull shape developed in the tank at Southampton University.Powershuttle 40 images

    Or view tank test images in the tank at Southampton University.Powershuttle 40 tank test images

  • John Shuttleworth is commissioned to design new 21 metre racing trimaran "Spirit of Teignmouth" for Simon Chalk.

    21m-tri-on-water-thumb.jpg SC68 from-front
    click on image for larger picture

    This new trimaran has been designed as a support boat for the ocean rowing challenges organised by Woodvale Events Simon Chalk also intends to challenge some of the long distance ocean sailing records aboard "Spirit of Teignmouth" which is alredy under construction in Devon. More information on this exciting project is at the Spirit of Teignmouth web site

  • Orion Shuttleworth starts work for John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs.

    After achieving a first class degree in Product Design, Orion Shuttleworth has started producing stunning 3D graphic images of trimarans and catamarans using solidworks 2005. These photorealistic images of the yachts are in full 3D modelling with rotating animations and cutaways. All the 3D images of "Spirit of Teignmouth", the new Eleri and the Tek 35 have been drawn by Orion.

    Orion is also involved in developing kiteboards with his brother Sky, and they have a fully equipped workshop with a powerful vacuum system to produce the boards. Several new shapes are under test at this time, and some custom boards are available for sale. For more information on the kiteboards or the 3D graphics... Email

    Here are some of his latest images... Animation of the Eleri 14 m Catamaran

    Eleri from bow thumbnail Eleri stbd view
thumbnailclick on images for larger picture

    More Eleri Images Eleri images

  • Boiling Frog.

    A new company trading as Boiling Frog as been formed to produce John Shuttleworth production designs. Based in Wales UK, Martin Paine has formed the new company, and has acquired the moulds for the Advantage 44, the Tek 35, and the Ocean Cheetah 37. These designs are being updated and being renamed to match the theme of this exciting new Welsh company.

    The Advantage 44 with a new flowing deck line, both more modern and more aerodynamic, becomes the Cerys 1330. The Ocean Cheetah, now 38 feet and with a marginally wider beam to accommodate a forward facing chart table in the bridge deck saloon, becomes the Falmai 1080. New, improved hull moulds are being built for the "Tek 35" which is now the Nia 1080, All are to be built with epoxy resins only in the foam cored composite, as are the other designs Boiling frog are offering, the Yona 950 (the Shuttle 31) and the stunning newly commissioned design, exclusive to Boiling Frog, the Eleri 1400 (at 14m/46 ft.). The Eleri 1400 is the first build underway.

    For more information and pictures of the Eleri 1400 go to Boiling frog press release

    Or visit their web site

  • Comments are coming in from Gary Pearce.

    Gary has started writing his impressions about his voyage aboard "Zazen" from England to Australia. See Owner comments

  • Tektron 50 wins the around Long Island Race 2004.

    Kirk Siemsen sailing the Tektron 50 Neptune's Car has won the multihull class in the 190 mile around Long Island Race beating the next boat home (an Outremar 45) by 1 hour and 41 minutes. He beat the Outremar by 57 minutes on rating as well, which indicates that he sailed an excellent race. Kirk has been slowly building up experience on the Tektron 50 over the past few years, and now seems to be getting the performance from the boat that is closer to her capability.

  • 12 year old Alix Pearce's article

    about their voyage in 'Zazen" from England to Australia from multihulls magazine is now up in PDF file format under Articles

  • Gladys Schneider's story about their voyage to the Abacos is up. see Articles

  • Tek Composites has stopped trading. Eugene Tekatch has sold all the tooling for the Tek 35 and it is all now in England. More information will follow as soon as the new owners are ready to produce the boat. Meanwhile the old Tek Composites site is still available on...

  • >John Shuttleworth is moving house and office. John Shuttleworth is moving to:

    Green Farm Barn
    The Pike
    West Sussex RH20 4AA

    Tel and Fax: +44 (0) 1903 891 428

  • News in from Gary Pearce aboard the Shuttle 40 "Zazen"

    Zazen-sailing-thumb.jpg click on thumbnail for larger picture.

    Gary Pearce and his family have arrived in Australia. After an amazing trip which Alix has written up in Mutihulls Magazine, Gary , Jane, Alix and Lorin have arrived in Coffs Harbour. Gary sends this report...

    "Just to let you all know that Zazen has safely made the full Pacific crossing arriving in Coffs Harbour on Monday Oct 26th at lunchtime local time (midnight on Sunday evening for you UK based chaps) Full newsletter for the final few months will follow shortly but let it be said that the Pacific did not let us escape easily. The final 24 hours before we arrived we had a full gale out at sea with sustained wind over 30k for 8 hours and over 40 for 2 and a max reading of 49.7! Breaking seas with 9m waves. Zazen performed very well with the sea drogue out and the storm jib but it has taken the crew and skipper a few days for nerves to return to normal! Luckily the price and availability of local beer here helped the nerves. We will wait here for the right weather to make the final 240nm to Sydney - a coastal passage.

    all the best,

    Jane and Gary, Alix and Lorin"

    Gary Pearce and his family left England in August last year (2002) and sailed down to Spain with John Shuttleworth as crew. See "Biscay trip photos. They then headed for the Caribbean taking part in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (the ARC) on the way. After Christmas in the Islands, they headed for Panama, and then on to the Galapagos. From there they have sailed to the Marquesas, and on towards Tonga, where they reported that all was well and the they were making good progress across the Pacific. Position as of 26th August, 17 39 S, 171 40 W. Gary said "We have been having better weather and times since the Atlantic and the Pacific is a zillion times better than the Caribbean ! Perfect conditions for this boat in fact."

  • First Photos of the Ocean Cheetah

    Lying outside Patrick Boyd Multihulls in Porchester, the recently launched Ocean Cheetah 38 floats high on her marks, and is now ready for fitting out and rigging. Photos of launch and afloat

  • The Advantge 44 in Germany has sold. Female moulds for sale.

launching thumbnailClick on image to enlarge

    Burkhard Bader is selling the moulds (hull, coachroof, salon top) for the Advantage 44. contact John Suttleworth Burkhard Bader is still interested in building one off designs, and is showing a number of John Shuttleworth's designs on his site. See

  • John Shuttleworth has just returned from the Caribbean

    after sailing aboard "Cats Away" Tony Amador's Tek 35 that has had 2 x 50 HP 4 stroke high thrust Yamaha outboards fitted. The sterns of the boat were modified using information gained from the tank testing on the Powershuttle 40. John Shuttleworth writes, "The boat performed exceptionally well. She will do a comfortable 14 knots at 80% throttle. Sailing performance is only slightly compromised and the high speed end seems to be as good as before. The new sterns are a success and the boat trims very flat at high speed under power. This keeps the waterline long and the drag down." An article will follow soon. The photos show the outboards and the boat.

  • Powershuttle 40 progress report in from Dale Schneider.

    The bulkheads are being fitted and the boat is starting to come together. The attached photos give an idea of the boat. The revolutionary design of the stern - developed in tank testing - can be seen in one photo.

  • New Shuttle 31 commissioned from Dale Schneider.

    Dale Schneider has started to build his third semi-custom Shuttle 31 for a Canadian couple. We are looking at a new design for the fixed bimini based on the one we developed for the Powershuttle 40.

  • Gary Pearce writes from St. Lucia.

    Gary Pearce has written from St. Lucia in the Caribbean after his successful crossing of the Atlantic in the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers.) Go to Gary Pearce's story

  • New article about the building of the two Shuttle 31 catamarans

    The boats were built by 12 students at a high school in Switzerland, and their voyage to Cowes and beyond. See Articles

  • Fossailing team reach Elba, their final destination, on their two Shuttle 31 catamarans.

    voyage map thumbnail Map of voyage. Solea sailing
thumbnail Solea
Sailing 2 thumbnail Solea and Gaffer
thumbnail Solea interior thumbnail

    Click on image to enlarge

    The Fossailiing team of 12 sixteen to seventeen year old students at a Waldorf School in Switzerland have launched the two Shuttle 31 Catamarans that they have been building for the past two years. They have motored down the Rhine and sailed down the coast to Calais in France, where John Shuttleworth went to meet them and sail to Cowes as part of extended sailing trials.

    After sailing from Calais to Cowes, John Shuttleworth spent three days sailing the two boats in the Solent in a variety of conditions. The boats are well built and look fantastic. With the wood epoxy strip planking left as a feature on the interior, they have a lovely wooden "feel" inside. Both boats sport the racing rig with Gougeon wing masts. "We chose Gougeon because they were the only masts we could build ourselves" said Thomas Wolf.

    John Shuttleworth writes "The Fossailing team have clearly demonstrated that the Shuttle 31 is a good boat for amateurs to build. They chose to use my design for strip planked Western Red Cedar with glass fibre on both sides and although I predicted that they would add about 230 Kgs to the weight of the boat over a foam sandwich version, they are sure that they have added less weight by being very careful in the laminating process. Certainly the boats float on their marks and perform very well and we achieved 8 knots to windward tacking through 85 degrees. As usual easily outsailing any monohulls that we came across in the Solent. I have enjoyed the experience of sailing with this enthusiastic group of young people and I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate them all on a fine achievement. The boats look good, and I am sure they will have many years of enjoyable and fun sailing on them."

    The teams sailed the two boats in the Solent near Cowes for a few weeks to fully prepare themselves for the trip to Elba. They sailed across the English channel, through the Bay of Biscay, down the Spanish and Portuguese coasts, and into the Mediterranean. They arrived safely in Elba on September the 23rd, having covered 3500 miles. A very successful end to an amazing project. Read more about the project at

  • John Shuttleworth joined Gary Pearce and his family on their first leg south en route to Australia aboard "Zazen".

    John Shuttleworth set sail two weeks ago aboard "Zazen" to sail from Falmouth in England to north west Spain across the Bay of Biscay. He had been invited to help Gary and Jane Pearce and their two Children Alix and Lorin, to get started on their Voyage to Australia. Photos of the trip, and some new ones of the Shuttle 40 "Zazen" can be seen at "Biscay trip photos."

    Gary Pearce bought Zazen from John Shuttleworth two years ago, and has spent the time finishing the interior and rigging the boat. Although there were some details of the fit out to complete, Gary decided to head south to get clear of the winter weather in the Bay of Biscay.

    John Shuttleworth writes "We set off with a force 4 to 6 NW winds forecast, which was perfect for us. Needless to say the Wind was WSW F2 to 3 for the first 12 hours, then flat calm with fog, followed by NE F4 to 6 for the last 12 hours.

    This meant that we motored for about 50 hours, using the radar to avoid the huge ships that travel up and down that route, but when the wind blew we had a fabulous sail. The boat performed excellently and we still managed a comfortable 3 days for the 500 mile trip.

    The Shuttle 40 proved to be ideal for long distance family cruising, with lots of space for people to get on with whatever they were doing, without feeling at all crowded. The autopilot worked well so we rarely had to steer, and even tacking could be done from below by dialling in a tack on the autopilot, and the boat would just tack effortlessly. This is one of the great advantages of the self tacking jib. No sheets to haul in, and no flogging lines to hurt the crew. The children were busy during the day with reading, painting, and whale and dolphin watching."

    John left the boat in Muros after a most enjoyable few days in the Spanish Rias, and he wishes Gary and his crew fair winds as they join the annual Yacht migration south toward the Caribbean.

  • John Shuttleworth joins the crew on board ProVu for the 2002 Round the Island Race.

    The Provu team competing with the Formula 40 trimaran "ProVu", formerly "Biscuits Cantreau", were using Round the Island Race as a shakedown and evaluation exercise and still achieved a respectable 3rd over the line (out of 1600 boats). John Shuttleworth continues as part of the ProVu racing team as technical advisor, as Peter Bryant continues to develop a racing team and move into serious multihull racing. For more information take a look at the ProVu web site.

  • Meridian dismasted after severe gales in the Round Britain and Ireland race.

    Meridian the 30 ft Shuttleworth Trimaran was dismasted on the thrid leg of the Round Britain and Ireland race. A severe force 10 storm had bunched up the fleet as they waited to depart for Lerwick in the Shetlands. The tough decision facing all the skippers was how soon to leave, as the storm abated. The dimasting occurred when they crash gybed in strong winds while pushing to maintain their lead over the 40 ft Trimaran "Mollymawk" which eventually went on to win the race. The crew are safe, and Meridian has motored into Lerwick but is out of the race. Congratulations to Roger Barber and his crew for their amazing first two legs. We are looking forward to seeing him back on the racing circuit soon. And congratulations to Ross Hobson on a fine and well deserved overall win.

  • Meridian holds onto lead in the Round Britain and Ireland race.

    Meridian thumbnail click on thumbnail for larger picture.

    Meridian the 30 ft Shuttleworth Trimaran held onto her lead on the second leg of the Round Britain and Ireland race after arriving in Castlebay in Scotland. Skipper Roger Barber was able to maintain a one hour 24 minute lead over his closest rival "Mollymawk", a 40ft Nick Baily designed Trimaran.

    Meridian has an 18 hours and 23 minute lead over the next boat in her class and is putting in an astonishing performance for a boat in class 4.

    The race results can be found at Royla Western Yacht Club Race results

  • Meridian the Shuttleworth 30 ft racing trimaran that won the around the island race in 2000 wins the first leg of the two handed around Britain and Ireland race.

    13 boats have been forced to retire from the total entry of 38 on the first stage to Cork, Ireland of the Round Britain and Ireland Race. Strong winds have pounded the fleet, with dismastings, broken daggerboards and crew health problems. Among those who have been forced to retire are 'Spirit of England', skippered by Sir Robin Knox Johnston, and the all women team on QII, Becky Walford and Mary Faulk

    The first finishers in Cork last night, and in the early hours of this morning were at 23:00 hours on the 10 June the 30ft trimaran 'Meridian', followed three hours later by the 40ft trimaran 'Molly Mawk', and third in was 'Roaring Fourty', the class 3 winner in 1998, who have since retired from the race.

  • After 2 years of hard work the Foss sailing team of young people have Launched their first Shuttle 31

    Two strip planked Western Red cedar versions of the Shuttle 31 have been built by 12 students at a Waldorf School in in Switzerland.

    Teacher and team leader Thomas Wolf writes: Our shipbuilding is a highschool project with twelve students. We will finish in May 2002. Then we will make a journey over Rhein, Main, Donau to the Mediterranian. The students write "We are twelve students at the age of 16-17 years. We visit a Waldorfschool in Muttenz, Baselland. Our project is to build two Shuttle 31 during two years. Two afternoons per week we work at the boats. While our schoolmates attend special courses like working on a farm we will solely concentrate on building the boats. Also during the holidays we will sacrifice some weeks for the project."

    Progress report as of 12th June 2002 is as follows: "We launched the first Shutle 31 in front of a large crowd with a few items still to complete. The boat slips very easily through the water, and we are looking forward to reaching Cowes in southern England with both boats around the last week of June." Part of the project is to make a web site. This can be seen at

  • The new article about "Design develoments in high performance cruising catamarans. From the Spectrum 42 to the Dogstar 50." Available in English and German

    Designed in 2001, the Dogstar 50 ft cat takes the design of fast racer-cruiser catamarans to a new level of performance. Detailed drawings and calculations show how this type of design developed from the Spectrum 42 designed in 1984, and how this is achieved. For English and German versions take a look in Articles.

  • The Shuttle 40 "Zazen" is on sailing trials in the Solent.

    John Shuttleworth accompanied Gary Pearce the owner of Zazen on sailing trials this week end (April 20). The boat sails incredibly well. With a clean bottom and the sails setting well, she easily exceeded wind speed. Acceleratiing with the slightest puff. The only mishap was breaking a spinnaker halyard in 7 to 8 knots of wind doing 12 knots. Dyneema is vulnerable in a jammer, and the plan is to use a cleat on the mast in future. Gary is working up to take the boat up to do the 3 peaks race, and the voyage up to Scotland should be a good shake down cruise. More on that will follow. look at Zazen sailing

  • Trimaran launched in Vienna.

    A beautifully built wood epoxy 56 ft Trimaran has recently been launched in Vienna, and is now sailing in the Mediterranean. Dr. Hans Peter Ammerer has built this wooden version of my 56 ft Trimaran design himself. With a background in microsurgery, and a hobby of furniture making, Dr. Ammerer embarked on this big project, and has produced an extraordinary example of wooden boatbuilding. The outside is finished in clear Epoxy, showing the wood grain, and all the interior is in Carbon/Nomex to keep weight down. His first comments are "she is a delight to sail". For more information and amazing pictures of a helicopter launching the yacht into into the Danube, see Dr. Ammerer's web site

  • A second Shuttleworth cat available for charter in the Caribbean

    Cat Maudy sailing

    "Cat Maudy" an "Advantage 44"is available for sale or charter.
    Theo Breiler writes "I beat all the cruising and 45 ft Moorings cats from South Africa when sailing up and down the St. Francis Drake Channel. Many a time in a stiff breeze of 25 knots and no reef, she goes to windward at a steady 10 to 12 knots. I am very, very pleased with the boat

  • Powershuttle 40 takes shape in Florida.

    Powershuttle 40 thumbnail

    Dale Schneider reports from Pine Island Florida, "We are really enjoying the new shape of the powercat. Its absolutely great and looks beautiful in the shop."

    This first picture shows one side of the hull strip planked in bead and cove Core-Cel foam. The foam is supplied cut into long planks approximately 2 inches wide. The hull is then planked up in the same way as a Cedar strip planked hull. This method is now favoured by many builders as the fastest way to build a one off or a prototype vessel.

    Click on thumbnail for larger picture or there is more on the Powershuttle 40 in Selected Designs.

  • Opportunity to charter a Shuttleworth 42 ft Cat.

    Timshel thumbnail

    "Timshel", the first Spectrum 42 designed and built for Bob Sutton is now available for charter in the Caribbean. Based in Grenada "Timshel" is well placed for Cruising the beautiful waters of the Caribbean. contact Click on thumbnail for larger picture or there are more photos of "Timshel" in Images.

  • Advantage 44 "Tigger" makes good time from the Scilly Isles to Falmouth.

    Peter and Toni Nice have been on their first long trip since spending a year fitting out their Advantage 44 from Burkhard Bader Catamarans.

    Peter writes "Hi John, just thought we would pass on some comments. We took "Tigger" on a 3 week cruise to the West country our first real trip with sailing gear sorted and a clean bottom.

    To give you a flavour we pulled the anchor up in Hugh Town, St Mary's (Isles of Scilly) at about 2pm and with slight seas and a North wind we set off for Falmouth 75nms away. We were sat down in the pub in Falmouth drinking our first pint at 10pm.

    For the stretch to Wolf Rock we were reaching at an effortless 16 - 17 knots with a maximum speed of 19.2 Knots, even the dolphins got tired. But it also included a long beat in light winds into Falmouth itself.

    We must be doing something right although there is still a lot more luck than judgement."

  • First Tek35 in England.

    Hull #3 from Tek Composites in Canada was delivered to Southampton on the 18th of August 2001. Richard Stilgoe ( the owner) specified dark blue hulls with white decks, and red boot top. This striking colour scheme looks very good, and the boat is an eye catcher as she lies at Saxon Wharf, Southampton, waiting for Richard to sail her to Salcombe at the end of September, where she will be based.

    John Shuttleworth and his wife spent an enjoyable day sailing with Richard, Checking her out on all points of sail and testing the sail wardrobe. John comments "The boat tacks thorough 80 degrees, just outpointing a similar sized monohull in the Solent. Eugene Tekatch has provided the boat with a comprehensive wardrobe, and all the sails appear to be very well cut. I had a chance to test the first Tek35 with the sailmaker on board, and our discussion has definitely been fed back into the cutting of these sails."

    Richard is very pleased with the boat, and some of the ideas he incorporated into his boat, are now being included in further production versions. More information on the Tek 35 and Tek Composites is available at

    The Tek 35 is now being built by Boiling Frog

  • Burkhard Bader launches "Tonia" - a new Advantage 44 open bridgedeck Cat.

    Tonia thumbnail

    "Tonia" has now been launched in Germany. This is the first open bridgedeck Advantage 44 to be built. Using the same hull molds as the Bridgedeck saloon version of the Advantage 44, Burkhard Bader has produced a fine looking version of this well proven design. Click on thumbnail for larger picture or there are more photos of her building and after launching in Images. Burkhard Bader's website is at

  • News item 16.7.01 .

    Another good week for the Shuttleworth racing boats, ProVu and Meridian.

    ProVu ( Shockwave) skippered by Alistair Wood and crewed by Peter Bryant and Charles Derbyshire racing in the RORC (Royal Ocean Racing Club) offshore race from Cowes to St. Malo was first to finish in class by a clear margin of 2 1/2 hours. ProVu and Meridian (campaigned by Roger Barber) went on to compete in a series of races around Dinard, and Meridian took first on handicap. For more details on these two boats see Selected Designs and Images

  • Hoya Round the Island Race. June 16th 2001

    John Shuttleworth sister ships ProVu and Meridian take 3rd over the line and first in the grand Prix class out of a fleet of 1735 boats.

    To read a full report on this exciting race and more on the background details on these two boats see Al Wood's report

  • Miami "Sail off"

    Find out how the Shuttle 31 stacked up against two 40 ft open bridgedeck Cats and the Wormwood 35 "Merlin", in the Sail off organised by Multihulls Magazine in February 2001

    John Shuttleworth flew out to Florida to sail aboard "Skye" in the rally for fast cruisers in February. The Shuttle 31 was up against tough competition in the sail off, but for finish, comfort, and performance fully loaded, we were way ahead... See full report with pictures in "Sailoff"
  • Zeepoes around the world again.

    Zeepoes the Shuttleworth 63 has been sold and refitted for another around the world voyage. After successfully circumnavigating with a crew, his wife and small child, David Holgate sold Samcat (ex Zeepoes) to Steve and Maria Ferguson. They have refitted the boat and added a fixed bimini over the cockpit. They set off last week for an extended around the world voyage with their 3 children. They intend to sail through the Mediterranean this summer.

    Steve had Zeepoes surveyed after her fist around the world trip, and she came through with flying colours with no structural problems whatsoever. The Surveyor said "It would be inconsistent to find delamination on a boat as well built and designed as this one."

    We wish Steve and Maria fair winds and a wonderful voyage.

  • "Mahilini" 35 ft Two Hoots type Cruiser Racer cat design.

    Doug and Sharon Gibson are having a good time with their 35ft Cat in Hawaii. I asked Doug for some race results and he replied..."We hesitate to send you any race results for Mahilini because all the racing we do here locally is with keel boats under a PHRF handicapping system. We usually finish first, and first on corrected time, but occasionally lose corrected to one of the faster keelboats. The only multihull boats that ever come out are Farrier F-24's and an F-27, and occasionally a 40 ft Cantola Tri, no contest. However we are unable to keep up with some of our local Prindle 19's."

  • New Building Projects

  • 8 Meter Cheetah

    Building in Ireland.
  • Ocean Cheetah 37

    Bill Bullimore of Patrick Boyd Multihulls has bought the molds for the Ocean Cheetah 37 frorm Clyde Cats. Bill is proposing a new method of building where the owner leases the molds, and he assists in setting up the build project. The owner remains his own contractor, and thus avoids the overheads associated with a one off project. Details are available on the Patrick Boyd Site

  • Shuttle 40

    A new Shuttle 40 has been commenced for an owner in Beaumont, Texas.

  • 8 Meter Lynx

    A new 8 Meter Lynx has been commenced in the USA for an owner in Langhorn, Philadelphia.

  • Tek35 News.

    Specifications for the Tek35 from Canada. Tek35 specifications.
    Pictures of the Tek35 are in Images

    The Tek 35 is now being built by Boiling Frog

    Owner number two is settling in to the cruising life with his family in the Bahamas. Jeff writes" John, just dropping a line to tell you that we are enjoying the boat very much. We are in the Bahamas, hanging in Nassau for the moment before waiting for more settled weather to head on. Now that I am in my 30s, I have finally learned with the help of my kids, to slow down and do more hanging and less sailing from place to place. We actually had the drifter out the other day and found ourselves close reaching at about 5 knots in about 6-7 knots of wind. The design is great, and I expect that the size is a good compromise between big enough to be comfortable in everything and small enough to be a pleasure to handle in 99% of the stuff you sail in." Jeff adds: Did I mention that we won the Georgetown cruising regatta harbor race? on an 8 mile race we had a 7 minute margin on the next boat. Other cats were a lagoon 42 and a catana 401 ( and some assorted geminis and other non-competition). We took all the canvas and 800 lbs of stores off, and ran with empty water and near empty fuel tanks. At the awards ceremony we were referred to as "that rocketship Socia".

    No.3 nears completion. The third Tek35 production boat. This one with striking dark blue hulls is bound for England where she will be moored in Salcombe. The boat will be sailed down to New York and then shipped to England in July.

  • Comment on First T35

    The first production Tektron 35 "Cats Away" had just been launched and the final preparations for sailing were being made as I arrived at Royal Hamilton Yacht Club. She was floating well up on her marks with the transom clear of the water. The interior was basically fitted out but none of the cushions were in and some water tanks and electrics still needed to connected up.

    We sailed in winds that we estimated were up to about 11 knots. Most of the time we sailed at close to wind speed with a maximum speed under Main and blade jib of 9.5 knots. There is a light genoa to be added to the sailing wardrobe like the one on the Shuttle 31

    This large genoa will bring the boat speed up to equal wind speed in winds up to 15 knots apparent.

    The boat feels light and responsive. Any change in wind speed results in immediate acceleration. Sailing at close to wind speed means that one knot increase in wind speed results in nearly two knots increase in apparent wind.

    The finish on the outside of the Tektron 35 is excellent. The second one coming off the production line looks very striking with dark blue hulls. Eugene has incorporated many interesting ideas in the deck layout, and engine installation, which are all improvements as a result of sailing the earlier non production versions. The winch positions and layout of the lines all coming back to the cockpit with stoppers near the helmsman, works very well.

    The steering was light and very responsive. The boat tacks on a dime. The only task we had when tacking was to push the jib traveller down by hand in the light winds we had on the lake.

    The additional cuddies over the entrances also look good, and provide good access to the hulls. The dodger that covers the central seating in the cockpit is a good compromise. We were able to sail with this off and still retain the feel of an open bridgedeck boat - which I like. Yet there will be good shelter for the cockpit when in colder regions.

    Inside, all the interior is built in modules in molds, then dropped in to the hull. At this stage bulkheads have been structurally glassed in already, therefore all that remains is to bond these modules in, and then finish to the joint of the mold with headlining.

    7 boats are now on order, and Eugene Tekatch is building them in groups of three. With 15 men working hard, the shop is a busy place.

    This is an exciting venture, and I am pleased that Eugene has taken up the challenge of producing a genuinely modern, fast and sophisticated Multihull with good accommodation. I think this boat will be in a class of it's own for many years to come.

    Away She Goes, - First Kiss of the water, - Just launched, - Motoring Down the Freeway !, - Under Sail, - At the Dock, - Under Sail, - Under Sail, - Under Sail - Cockpit

  • Shockwave

    The 34ft Shockwave racing trimaran has been chartered for the season by Peter Bryant. A full racing campaign is planned and a development program will be carried out with a view to designing a new 40 ft racer. Strain gauges will be fitted to the hulls, cross beams, running rigging and standing rigging. All the data will be fed into a computer concurrently. this will give us vital information as to how the boat is actually stressed in a seaway and at what rate of change. I will write more as we do the testing.

  • Burkhard Bader has just launched a new Advantage 44 named "Maudy". Built for chartering, the boat is fitted out with a considerable amount of gear. Side View, Aft View, Overall view

  • Photos have arrived of the First Shuttle 28 to be launched. She was built in Finland of Strip planked Cedar with ply bulkheads and structure. This beautifully finished boat motored comfortably at 7 knots using 1 litre of fuel hour, on her way to be completed and rigged. Jukka Henttu would be interested in building more boats to this design. Afloat, Flying 2 hulls Almost in the water, Build shot, Motoring off for completion.

  • Using the moulds for the Advantage 44 Burkhard Bader has started an open bridgedeck version. This boat will be very reminiscent of the Original Spectrum 42, the cat that started this new development of open bridgedeck cats with large accommodation in the hulls. This was achieved with the flare in the hulls. A concept that is now well established in all Shuttleworth Cruising cats.In build, side by side comparison

  • The latest 52 footer drawings are in. and she looks pretty smart ! The rumour mill suggests the budget might even run to a high tech build in pre-preg ! There are 6 drawings in the images section, but for a taste click here

  • Its a busy time in Canada. Must be the long nights. These photos just in of an impressive Ocean Cheetah 37 in build. Looks like it will be pretty impressive. Side View   Further Side View   Cockpit  

  • The other new 52 footer looks like a nice blend of comfort and speed. Accomodation 1 (52k), Accomodation 2 (128k), Sailplan 1 (60k), Sailplan2 (52k), Deck 1 (60k), Deck2 (136k)

  • Design drawings for the Shuttle 28

  • Design drawings and information on the PowerShuttle 40. 

  • LOA 40 ft 
    BOA 22 ft 
    Design: John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs Ltd. 
    Buider: Dale Schneider Inc., Pine Island, Florida 

  • Gladys Cook Schneider's article from Multihulls Magazine on sailing through the Abacos. 

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